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Dmitri Golovko is an award winning music composer and sound designer. He started composing music at an early age with a background in Percussion and Piano. But having always had an infatuation with films, games and storytelling he went on to study filmmaking at Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts. That didn’t last long however, and since abandoning his studies in film he’s gone on to pursue a career in music.

Now, for more than a decade he’s been creating soundtracks for feature films, documentaries, TV shows, commercials and video-games.  Some of his previous work includes the feature film score to “Red Hill” in 2010, additional music to “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” in 2017 starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as recently being a co-composer on “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries”.

With a constantly expanding credit list, he’s become an evolving talent whose award-winning music has been attached to a large number of projects. Dmitri has worked with production companies, directors and advertising agencies from across the globe; from Los Angeles to Sydney, to Berlin. Music is his passion and so he tackles every new project and opportunity with unbridled energy and enthusiasm.

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