The short film "Grace" has been nominated for the prestigious AACTA award for Best Short Film this year. This marks two years in a row that a short film featuring Dmitri's music score has been nominated (last year's film "The Mirror" won the award).

"Grace" is a story based on real events that transpired in Iraq at the height of the conflict, when ISIS had taken control of Mosul. Featuring Dmitri's powerful score, the story follows a father living in war-torn Iraq who tries to protect his daughter from violent fanatics, using the innocent game of hide-and-seek.

The film is directed by Brian Patto, written by both Brian Patto and Chris Gillingham, and produced by Darren McFarlane.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

The MFMOD soundtrack has been released across all streaming services on June 25th. Music is by the team at Zeitgeist Music (which includes Burkhard Dallwitz, Brett Aplin and Dmitri Golovko). You can listen to it here:

Dmitri, as part of the Zeitgeist Music crew, has completed his work on the Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Score for Series 2.

Check out the photos below featuring Burkhard Dallwitz (co-composer), Brett Aplin (co-composer), Dmitri Golovko (co-composer) and Christian Scallan (score mixing engineer).