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The Transport Accident Commission recently premiered the winner of this year's Split Second competition; a new cinematic advert with original music and sound by Dmitri Golovko.

The winning script was written by Alex Lowes who won against over 200 entries. The film stars Firas Dirani and was directed by Airbag's Nicholas Carlton.

Head over to Campaign Brief for more details:

The score for Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Season 2 is well underway! Dmitri has been working as part of the music team at ZEITGEIST MUSIC, creating the retro musical sound of the world of 1960's Melbourne.

Set in swinging 60's Melbourne, gorgeously reckless Peregrine Fisher inherits a windfall when the famous aunt she never knew goes missing over the highlands of New Guinea.

Season 2 will be out on ACORN TV later this year.

The fantasy drama short by director and writer Joel Kohn has just won Best Short Film at the prestigious AACTA Awards this year. This honour was shared with producers Tom Davies and Mike Horvath.

Dmitri Golovko was the composer who created the music score for the film. The story centres on a young girl, Suzi, who has come to her grand mother's house, an ailing, cantankerous old-woman and survivor of the Holocaust. When Suzi discovers a mysterious antique mirror in the basement, she opens a portal between time that allows her to cross over into war-torn Nazi-occupied Poland, where she befriends a young girl in hiding.

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